The Basics of Uncontested Divorce

In an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse reach an agreement for all the problems in your divorce. After you have reached this agreement, you don’t need to go into the court and argue. In its place, you file court form and “marital settlement agreement” which details the agreement you have made regarding how you wish to divide your debts and property, what your custody arrangement will be for your children, and whether support payment will change the hands. Your final divorce and your settlement will need to be sanctioned by a judge, and that should not be any issue. The judge will approve the settlement agreement usually unless it is apparent that all the terms are totally unfair to one individual or were arranged while one individual was under pressure.

The Cost of Uncontested Divorce

The uncontested divorce is one of the least expensive kinds of divorce that you can get. However, even it’ll take a little bite out from your wallet. You will have to find out how to arrange and file out the papers, you will need to pay the filing fee, and you may wish to get a little help from a divorce attorney San Diego or document preparers. You might also purchase books or other related materials to assist you.

Getting Help with Uncontested Divorce

You will be able to deal with your uncontested divorce probably with no or little help from a divorce attorney San Diego, but you may wish to ask an attorney to look over all your paperwork and, possibly, to evaluate your settlement agreements. Many couples make use of a mediator or a counselor to help them reach to a fair agreement on custody and property issues. And if you or your spouse has retirement advantages through work, you may wish to employ an actuary to worth them or an attorney to prepare the particular court order; you will need in order to divide them. Presuming that you use a professional for this task, you should be capable to get everything completed for anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000.


Any legal document preparer could help you with the divorce paperwork. At many places, legal document preparers, legal typists, or paralegals (different names for the same job) can assist you to prepare court form for your divorce. They can’t give you any legal advice but can suggest you about helpful resources and make sure that the forms are filled out properly so that your whole court process goes efficiently.

How Long Uncontested Divorce Will Take?

If your spouse as well as you both remain on the top of all tasks you require taking proper care of, you must be able to settle your divorce as quickly as waiting period is over. So based on your San Diego’s requirements, you can be completing your divorce within few months, or else you may have been done with everything and just will be waiting for the date on which you can file your final papers.


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