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We are proud to offer our exceptional legal representation for those people who have got injured in any accident or suffered any harm due to the negligence of any third party. Ever since our opening, we’ve developed a great reputation as “People’s Lawyers.” We mainly represent individuals, small businesses, and families in all types of personal injury cases. By doing this, we are competent to pursue all our clients best interest aggressively, taking the big business and insurance companies, head-on.

As highly experienced experts of personal injury cases, we understand what you’re going through, and thus, we are available to walk together with you as well as your loved ones in this hard time. Our main focus will always be on getting the best possible results for you. So, whether you’re looking for Los Angeles personal injury lawyers for your injuries or wrongful death, our team of experienced lawyers will attain the best results for your personal injury case. To do so, we tie our great success to your success.

Tying Our Great Success to Your Success:

  • We offer no-obligation, free case evaluation.
  • We don’t charge anything for our services until we win.
  • We make sure that you’ve full access to medical treatments you require, before your personal injury case settles down.

Our legal team has the resources and experience needed to take up the biggest personal injury cases and get the best results. We achieve a million dollars and multi-million dollars jury verdicts and settlements regularly for our clients. The results have paved our reputation greatly as the best and the biggest law firm in Los Angeles.

Our Attorneys

Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers take a direct, no-nonsense approach. They always stand by you to save you from heartless big business and bullying insurance companies. Their aim is to obtain fair compensation for each client. They wish to see personal injury victims live their life with dignity, after their accident. Highly dedicated to see justice served, our lawyers are willing and ready to take your accident case to trials. We wish to see the party who is held responsible for wrongful and negligent conduct. Fully aware about this, defendants and insurance companies generally choose to settle the case out of court.

Cases We Handle

We handle catastrophic and accident personal injury cases which occur due to negligence of any third party. So, whether you or any of your loved ones have been injured in a motorcycle or car accident, involved in office accident, attacked by dog or any other animal, injured in mass transportation event, or any other kinds of accidents: bus, plane, train, boat, slip and fall, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, defective products or wrongful death, then we are available to help you out.

We are very proud to offer our clients years of our combined litigation experience along with our proven record of success, which has earned us well-known acclaim. We have been honored greatly by fellow attorneys’ years after year as the best personal injury attorneys.

Carrie Dominguez

Completed her graduation from Yale University with Honors. Marcia has lead her team and won two consecutive regional Championships. With only a few years of experience, she won the Best Advocate Award by the American College of Trial Lawyers. She has a keen interest in journalism also. She enjoys reading books in free time.

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